Family of Johann Friedrick STUBING and Wilhelmina Friedricka GROPLER

Husband: Johann Friedrick STUBING (1812-1888)
Wife: Wilhelmina Friedricka GROPLER (1829-1903)
Children: Marie Dorothea STUBING (1860-1949)
Marriage 1883

Husband: Johann Friedrick STUBING


Johann Friedrick STUBING

Name: Johann Friedrick STUBING1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1812
Death 1 Dec 1888 (age 75-76)

Wife: Wilhelmina Friedricka GROPLER


Wilhelmina Friedricka GROPLER

Name: Wilhelmina Friedricka GROPLER1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1829
Occupation Home-maker
Death 13 Dec 1903 (age 73-74) Morgan, SA

Child 1: Marie Dorothea STUBING


Marie Dorothea STUBING


Spouse: Thomas PRIOR

Name: Marie Dorothea STUBING1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas PRIOR (1859-1931)
Children: Albert Henry John PRIOR (1883-1957)
Alma Frances PRIOR (1884-1979)
Anne Marie PRIOR (1886-1887)
Frederick Thomas PRIOR (1888-1980)
Hilda Beatrice PRIOR (1890-1969)
William Stanley PRIOR (1893-1918)
Walter Hubert PRIOR (1895-1978)
George Mayo PRIOR (1897-1966)
Harold Maurice PRIOR (1899-1900)
Myrtle IRENE PRIOR (1901-1992)
Birth 8 Apr 1860 Jacobs Creek
Occupation Home - Maker
Death 17 Aug 1949 (age 89) Hamilton SA

Note on Husband: Johann Friedrick STUBING

Travelled to Australia from Hamburg on the barque Victoria, Left Hamburg on the13th of May 1858 with C P Toennissen as master. Arrived Port Adelaide on the 25th September 1858


1"Stubing Book".