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Family of Joachim Christoph (Christoph) ROSS and Sophie Dorothea BEESE

Husband: Joachim Christoph (Christoph) ROSS (1803-1838)
Wife: Sophie Dorothea BEESE (1803-1883)
Children: Franz Friedrich ROSS (1828-1910)
Elisabeth C ROSS (1830- )
Sophie Christina ROSS (1831-1898)
Anna Christine Dorothea ROSS (1833-1873)
Johann Joachim Christian ROSS (1836-1916)
Marriage 1828
Married when 25

Husband: Joachim Christoph (Christoph) ROSS

Name: Joachim Christoph (Christoph) ROSS1
Sex: Male
Father: Hans Jochim Peter ROSS ( - )
Mother: Anna Maria WENDT ( - )
Birth 24 Jun 1803 Materson near Schwaan, Mecklenburg, Germany
Ross family information from 'Ross-Gastmeyer Family History' compiled by Donald Ross, plus information provided by David Blucher Canberra SA.
Occupation Coachman
Death 5 Jul 1838 (age 35) Gross Siemen, Mecklenburg, Germany

Wife: Sophie Dorothea BEESE


Sophie Dorothea BEESE

Name: Sophie Dorothea BEESE1
Sex: Female
Father: Hans Heinrich BEESE ( - )
Mother: Christina Dorothea MUNTER ( - )
Birth 4 Aug 1803 Benitz,, near Schwaan, Mecklenburg, Germany
Immigration 8 Aug 1854 (age 51) to Adelaide Sth Aust on 'Wandrahm'
Death 23 May 1883 (age 79) Nue Mecklenberg Sth Aust
Burial May 1883 Schoenborn Cemetery Gomersal Sth Aust

Child 1: Franz Friedrich ROSS

Name: Franz Friedrich ROSS
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Caroline Lisette Sophie (Caroline) WANDSCHNEIDER (1849-1930)
Spouse 2: Sophie Maria Christina JENZEN (1837-1872)
Children: Louise Caroline ROSS (1881-1975)
Birth 29 Oct 1828 Benitz, Meckenburg, Germany
Death 11 May 1910 (age 81) Australia Plains, Eudunda Sth Aust

Child 2: Elisabeth C ROSS

Name: Elisabeth C ROSS
Sex: Female
Birth 1830

Child 3: Sophie Christina ROSS

Name: Sophie Christina ROSS
Sex: Female
Birth 1831
Death 1898 (age 66-67)

Child 4: Anna Christine Dorothea ROSS

Name: Anna Christine Dorothea ROSS
Sex: Female
Birth 1833
Death 1873 (age 39-40)

Child 5: Johann Joachim Christian ROSS


Johann Joachim Christian ROSS


Spouse: Christiane (Christine) Louise HABNER

Name: Johann Joachim Christian ROSS1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Christiane (Christine) Louise HABNER (1842-1917)
Children: Johann Friedrich (Fred) ROSS (1876-1946)
Birth 18 Aug 1836 Benitz, Meckenburg, Germany
Naturalisation 2 May 1865 (age 28)
became Naturalised British Subject
Death 24 Oct 1916 (age 80) Robertstown Sth Aust
Burial 25 Oct 1916 Robertstown Zion Cemetery, SA

Note on Husband: Joachim Christoph (Christoph) ROSS

Known as Christoph third child second son in family

Note on Wife: Sophie Dorothea BEESE

Third of eight daughters


1Donald A Ross, "Ross - Gastmeyer Family History".