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Family of Thomas PRIOR and Catherine STEPHENS

Husband: Thomas PRIOR (1804-1866)
Wife: Catherine STEPHENS (1803-1872)
Children: Thomas PRIOR (1834-1908)
Marriage 1 Jan 1825 St Austell Cornwall England

Husband: Thomas PRIOR


Thomas PRIOR

Name: Thomas PRIOR1
Sex: Male
Father: James PRIOR (1784-1851)
Mother: Frances WILLIAMS (1780- )
Birth 1 Jul 1804 Tavistock England
Occupation Miner/Farmer
Death 17 Apr 1866 (age 61) Allendale SA,AUS.

Wife: Catherine STEPHENS


Catherine STEPHENS

Name: Catherine STEPHENS1
Sex: Female
Father: Jonathan STEPHENS (1776-1834)
Mother: Catherine ROWSELL OR ROUSE (1769- )
Birth 26 Dec 1803
Death 19 Jun 1872 (age 68) Dutton's Gap SA,AUS.

Child 1: Thomas PRIOR


Thomas PRIOR, IMG_6105m


Spouse: Hannah Maria PARFITT, imgprior008

Name: Thomas PRIOR1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah Maria PARFITT (1835-1916)
Children: Thomas PRIOR (1859-1931)
Emmily PRIOR (1860-1861)
Frances PRIOR (1862-1951)
Hannah Maria PRIOR (1863-1922)
Mary Jane PRIOR (1865-1947)
William Henry PRIOR (1868- )
Joseph PRIOR (1870-1936)
Frederick John PRIOR (1872-1951)
Elizabeth Catherine PRIOR (1876-1966)
Tryphena PRIOR (1881-1964)
Birth 1 Jun 1834
Occupation Farmer
Death 9 Aug 1908 (age 74) Hamilton SA

Note on Husband: Thomas PRIOR

Left Liskeard, travelled William Money from Plymouth, departing 19th September 1848. Arrived Australia 3rd January 1849, Thomas 44 Catherine 43 plus family of 7 children see shipping list at ttp://

went to Burra Copper Mines to join sons William and James and Thomas.

Note on Wife: Catherine STEPHENS

Arrived Australia 3rd January, went to Burra Copper Mines to join sons William and James


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