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The purpose of this site is to share information about the families I am part of.

Firstly those descended from two brothers, Johann Andreas ZANDER and his wife Maria Dorothea  ZANDER nee AHRENDT and the younger brother  Johann Albert August ZANDER and his wife Anna Pauline Louise ZANDER nee BARTEL.

2007 marked the 130 year anniversary of the above ZANDERS arriving in South Australia, this site is a small way of celebrating that milestone and recording what has happened during that time.

My maternal grandmother Ada Lillian CARTER and logically myself are descendants of  Edward CARTER and his wife Christiana HICKS , see links above and below to the CARTER section of the website.

My maternal grandfather was Hubert Prior so the prior family is also interwoven into a new part of this site.

If you would like to submit updates or any other missing details, images, stories, etc please send an email to me, Barry Zander.    

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During the 1800’s two brothers found themselves in South Australia the eldest Johann ANDREAS ZANDER and his wife MARIA Dorothea (AHRENDT) emigrated with 5 children from Germany to Australia in the year 1877.  Andreas and Maria are pictured above right on this page. 


The first family left Tucheim, Magdeburg - Prussia via the port of Hamburg on the 15th June.  They  sailed on the barque “Peter Godeffroy” arriving some four months later at  Semaphore, South  Australia on the 16th of October 1877.


Follow the link to Family 1 to follow their story and their descendants in Australia and New Zealand.


The second brother Johann Albert August ZANDER also came to South Australia, I am unsure of dates and travelling details, however you can follow the links to Family 2 to catch up with his descendants.


Family folklore from both of the above families, talks of there being a third brother from this family who also came to South Australia. I have been unable to identify this individual and his descendants. There are various rumours that talk of him leaving South Australia and moving to New South Wales, Western Australia or New Zealand, a name change is also spoken about.   

The “Peter Godeffroy  a  three masted barque, was the vessel that brought the Zander Family to South Australia 133 years ago in 1877.


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