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Family of Brian Clifford MUDGE and Jillian Beth DEAN

Husband: Brian Clifford MUDGE (1942- )
Wife: Jillian Beth DEAN (1946- )
Children: Darren Clifford MUDGE ( - )
Bradley Dean MUDGE ( - )
Cameron Arthur MUDGE ( - )

Husband: Brian Clifford MUDGE

Name: Brian Clifford MUDGE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 3 Oct 1942

Wife: Jillian Beth DEAN

Name: Jillian Beth DEAN
Sex: Female
Father: Arthur Frank DEAN (1905- )
Mother: Linda Hannah OFFER (1908-1974)
Birth 26 Dec 1946

Child 1: Darren Clifford MUDGE

Name: Darren Clifford MUDGE
Sex: Male

Child 2: Bradley Dean MUDGE

Name: Bradley Dean MUDGE
Sex: Male

Child 3: Cameron Arthur MUDGE

Name: Cameron Arthur MUDGE
Sex: Male


1"Birth DAte Not Included Family Request".