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Family of Darryl Blair GILLIES and Leonora Anne WILLIAMS

Husband: Darryl Blair GILLIES (1940- )
Wife: Leonora Anne WILLIAMS (1951- )
Children: Nathan Conway Barrington GILLIES (1979- )
Brigietta Frances Claire GILLIES (1982- )

Husband: Darryl Blair GILLIES

Name: Darryl Blair GILLIES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 24 Aug 1940

Wife: Leonora Anne WILLIAMS

Name: Leonora Anne WILLIAMS
Sex: Female
Father: John Joseph WILLIAMS (1914-1975)
Mother: Catherine Mary BUNFIELD (1917-1995)
Birth 29 Jan 1951

Child 1: Nathan Conway Barrington GILLIES

Name: Nathan Conway Barrington GILLIES
Sex: Male
Birth 18 Mar 1979

Child 2: Brigietta Frances Claire GILLIES

Name: Brigietta Frances Claire GILLIES
Sex: Female
Birth 24 May 1982

Note on Wife: Leonora Anne WILLIAMS

Twin of Irene Patricia