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Family of Kevin Harold MATERNE and Gladys Evelyn SEIDEL

Husband: Kevin Harold MATERNE (1934- )
Wife: Gladys Evelyn SEIDEL (1934- )
Children: Susanne Lynette (Sue) MATERNE (1958- )
Marriage 2 Nov 1957 Sedan, SA

Husband: Kevin Harold MATERNE


Kevin Harold MATERNE

Name: Kevin Harold MATERNE
Sex: Male
Father: Johannes Herbert (JACK) MATERNE (1899-1976)
Mother: Alwine Lydia STEINBORNER (1909- )
Birth 6 Sep 1934 Eudunda SA
Occupation Farm Vineyard Labourer

Wife: Gladys Evelyn SEIDEL


Gladys Evelyn SEIDEL

Name: Gladys Evelyn SEIDEL
Sex: Female
Father: Paul Richard SEIDEL (1892-1963)
Mother: Meta Martha TSCHARKE (1897-1966)
Birth 16 Nov 1934 Sedan SA
Occupation Seasonal Fruit Worker

Child 1: Susanne Lynette (Sue) MATERNE


Spouse: Myles Geoffrey SCHUTZ, Myles Schutz

Name: Susanne Lynette (Sue) MATERNE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Myles Geoffrey SCHUTZ (1955-2002)
Children: SHANE Anthony SCHUTZ (1976- )
Benjamin Myles SCHUTZ (1978- )
Birth 26 Aug 1958 Eudunda SA

Note on Husband: Kevin Harold MATERNE

3rd child in family

Note on Wife: Gladys Evelyn SEIDEL

The 11th child in family