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Family of John THOMSON and Katrina Lee ZANDER

Husband: John THOMSON (1967- )
Wife: Katrina Lee ZANDER (1968- )
Children: MILLIcent May THOMSON (1997- )
GUY William Zander THOMSON (1998- )
JONTY Samuel Zander THOMSON (2000- )
Marriage 4 Mar 1995 Wanganui NZ

Husband: John THOMSON

Name: John THOMSON1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 26 Mar 1967 Tapanui SthIsland NZ
Occupation Police Officer

Wife: Katrina Lee ZANDER

Name: Katrina Lee ZANDER1
Sex: Female
Father: RONALD Gerhard ZANDER (1926-2008)
Mother: DAWN BERGERSON (1937- )
Birth 7 May 1968 Wanganui NZ
Occupation Kindergarten Teacher

Child 1: MILLIcent May THOMSON

Name: MILLIcent May THOMSON1
Sex: Female
Birth 7 Feb 1997 Wanganui Hospital

Child 2: GUY William Zander THOMSON

Name: GUY William Zander THOMSON1
Sex: Male
Birth 28 Aug 1998 Wanganui Hospital

Child 3: JONTY Samuel Zander THOMSON

Name: JONTY Samuel Zander THOMSON1
Sex: Male
Birth 14 Sep 2000 Wanganui Hospital


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