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Family of JAMES Harry REVELL and EDITH Lynette DONLON

Husband: JAMES Harry REVELL (1947- )
Wife: EDITH Lynette DONLON (1947- )
Children: JAMES Lochiel REVELL (1966- )
MICHELE Catherine REVELL (1971- )

Husband: JAMES Harry REVELL

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 22 Jul 1947
Occupation General Manager

Wife: EDITH Lynette DONLON

Name: EDITH Lynette DONLON
Sex: Female
Father: LOCHIEL Robert William DONLON (1900-1954)
Mother: Mynette Zerah CARTER (1904-1987)
Birth 11 Dec 1947

Child 1: JAMES Lochiel REVELL

Name: JAMES Lochiel REVELL
Sex: Male
Birth 18 Jun 1966
Occupation Wool Classer

Child 2: MICHELE Catherine REVELL

Name: MICHELE Catherine REVELL
Sex: Female
Birth 6 Nov 1971